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Categorys: Women, Adriana Lima

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Written in June 2 of 2008, 03:11 hrs.

Beautiful girl


Written in May 20 of 2008, 22:44 hrs.

Saint Raiden6666

\"Love it%u2019s hard to find it comes from Paradise
Sometimes Cupidon will come to u in a sign of surprise.
Your soul can come in the shape of a woman.
Welcome her like it%u2019s yours cause this is the woman that was chosen.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
If u understand this motto u will be the wisdom holder.
If u are lucky love will fall from the sky.
Don%u2019t ever give up ...don%u2019t ever be shy.\"


Written in August 23 of 2007, 09:56 hrs.

I love Adriana Lima, She is perfect to me. Such a beautiful face and body. She is the best Victorias Secret model, I think.

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