Paisajes, Otoño

Otoño: Camino Otoñal , Paisajes, Otoño

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Camino Otoñal

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Categorys: Landscapes, Fall

Provided by Hernan June 2nd, 2008

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Written in November 13 of 2009, 17:36 hrs.

Qué imagen tan distinguida. Sobresaliente!!!!


Written in June 2 of 2008, 20:45 hrs.

What a way! Tress are stood as if to welcome kings and queens on their way..


Written in June 4 of 2008, 16:58 hrs.

Your comment disappeared suddenly. But I answer you that yes, it is a song sung by Nana Mouskouri, of her album of music called \"Nana\". She has a wonderful, very sweet voice.


Written in June 2 of 2008, 08:21 hrs.

Is a most beautiful landscape!! I love this type of landscapes and the colours of the trees are great.

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