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El corcel

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Categorys: Animals, Horses

Provided by Psicko December 24th, 2007

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Written in February 27 of 2010, 02:56 hrs.

Beautiful work. And you DeviantArt folks really need to come up with a better solution in safeguarding your images if you do not want your images to be downloaded in the first place.


Written in April 14 of 2009, 09:01 hrs.

fail; epically!
what people don%u2019t/won%u2019t seem to understand is that artwork created FOR DeviantART - supprisingly enough STAYS on DeviantART%u2026 question%u2026 did you ASK her for HER PERMISSION before you stole her work and posted it for FREE USE on this website!?
I think I can guess the answer%u2026 especially as arrsistable is a VERY good friend of mine.
Next time THINK before you act, and think that they might like to be ASKED first!??

Oh and she wants this image and her other (
4) one on this site removed thank you!


Written in January 4 of 2008, 15:17 hrs.

An excellent drawing!!


Written in January 2 of 2008, 12:04 hrs.

El caballo y el resto de la composición está muy bien hecho. Me encantan los colores del cielo.


Written in December 29 of 2007, 09:16 hrs.

excellent wallpaper


Written in December 29 of 2007, 00:25 hrs.

okay-okay, i guess...


Written in December 27 of 2007, 16:11 hrs.

hermoso caballo


Written in December 26 of 2007, 10:01 hrs.

An excellent horse wallpaper for all the horse lovers

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