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The team behind Fonditos

Basically what gathers us together, besides the fact that we have a Web design company in Chile, is our liking for collecting high quality wallpapers. In our constant search for wallpapers to our collection, we always found low resolution and mediocre designs sites. That's why we decided to create the site that we had been dreaming of for years: Fonditos.

This is the difference about Fonditos

Free wallpapers

The wallpapers you will find here can be downloaded absolutely for free, there is no need to be registered or to have an account, nothing at all!! You just find the wallpaper you like and enjoy it ;)

Wallpapers without publicity

We do what ever is in our hands to have every wallpaper in our website free from publicity. Here you will never find a wallpapers with an inscription saying "Download this wallpapers from Fonditos or something like that. For us, every wallpapers is a work of art and you don't write on a work of art! Anyway, there are always some that had already something written, and because we consider them extremely good, we publish it anyway, but they are the least!!!

The best wallpapers

All the wallpapers that you will find in Fonditos have passed through a selection criterion . Beauty is subjective, therefore there will be always the possibility that you find one that you don't like, but believe us, in order to publish a wallpaper, it must be approved by us, and we are not easy! ;) Besides, in order for a wallpaper to stay, it must be approved by all the users, since the worst evaluated wallpapers are eliminated!

Multiple size wallpapers

The minimum size for a wallpaper to be published is 1024x768. The artistic beauty is very important to us as well as the technique quality.

New wallpapers every day

Every day of the year you will find new wallpapers in Fonditos. Currently we are adding two new wallpapers per day.


Lorena Hoyos, Manuel Osorio, Rodrigo Díaz, Daniel Matthews, Paulina Sáez, Claudio Sáez, Dereck J. Moath, Nicolas Rehbein, Sebastián Caro, Cristóbal Sanfurgo, Paulina Caro.

Do you want to help us?

The best way to help us to tell all your friends about Fonditos, if you have a website and you add a link to Golden Wallpapers we will be very thankful!!

If you want to contact us to congratulate us, to criticise us or just to say hi, you can do it through Contact ;)

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